1. This is a temporary rental for guests on vacation. It is not intended and cannot be used as rental for a primary residence.
2. No more than 2 people (including children) shall occupy the guest suite without written permission from Landlord. We do not provide roll away beds or additional bedding.
3. NO PETS of any description shall be kept in or upon the Property. This is important because so many people today seem to have pet allergies.
4. Linens are included in your rental. Daily maid service is not included with this rental.
5. Long distance phone charges are not included in the rent. Please use your cell phone for long distance calls. If this is not possible, we will send you charges after we get the phone bill for your stay. The phone number for the property is 231-256-9714.
6. You agree to leave the property in good condition and repair, broom clean, surfaces wiped. The refrigerator should be emptied, and all trash placed in the garage trash receptacle.
7. Our contact number is 813-545-4389 for questions about the Property before or during occupancy.
8. You are responsible for all damage, injury and/or loss to the Property arising out of or occurring during your use and occupancy of the Property, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
9. No alterations, additions or improvements to the Property will be made by you without our prior written consent.
10. In the event the Property is partly or wholly destroyed by fire or other casualty so as to become unfit for occupancy, and repairs cannot be completed prior to your arrival, then this Agreement will terminate and all prepaid rent and deposits will be returned to you. We will let you know as soon as possible.
11. It is your obligation to insure your vehicle and any personal property upon the Property. The keeping of your personal property at the Property will be at your sole risk, and accordingly, neither we, nor any of our members, officers, employees or agents will be responsible for it. We only carry insurance on the structure.
12. You accept the Property in "AS-IS" condition, and hereby release us, our officers, members, employees, and any agent, and will indemnify, defend and hold each of them harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, expenses and attorneys' fees arising out of or relating to your use and occupancy of the Property or your default under this agreement.
13. You agree to vacate the property at or before the precise time and date specified above. Similarly, you cannot enter the Property before the time and date specified, to avoid overtime fees charged by cleaners, and to avoid occupancy during un-presentable conditions and/or cleaning and servicing of the Property.
14. We may visit you to check the condition of the Property and see how you are enjoying your stay. Our employees or contractors may enter the Property after giving you notice to provide repairs, if needed and maintain the Property, or without notice in case of emergency.
15. If you paid a security deposit, it will be refunded to you within 15 days of your checkout date, after deducting for long distance phone charges, any damage to the Property, or other expenses that we incur if you do not comply with this Agreement.
16. If you must cancel, notify us as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge a 10% cancellation fee if you cancel within 60 days of your arrival.
17. The Property is a no-smoking facility. If we detect that you have been smoking in the Property, we will have to charge you extra for cleaning. This is important for our other guests.
18. You may not sublease or assign all or any part of this agreement without our prior written consent.
19. We have shared steps to the beach with our neighbors. They know that we may have renters who would like to use them. There are 173 steps down to the beach. They are very sturdy but please note that if you use them you do so at your own risk.